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Something like this happens

nearly everyday somewhere.

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What do you have

to patch a hole like this?

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Football plug being applied

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The Football was the answer here.

Actual Interstate-80 incident near
Sacramento, California. Truck
was able to move without having
to transfer remaining fuel from tank.

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Another actual incident, three Footballs
and four Golfballs needed to stop this leak!

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Sadie was wondering,

"Are you ready for this?"

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New-feature-1 A forklift bumps into a storage tank... A truck backs into a pipe... A crash on the highway...

Leaks Happen

New-feature-2 Our plug and patch kits are quick and easy to use, making them your team’s answer to leaks and spills.

Are You Ready?

new-feature-3 Our equipment has been field tested for over 30 years, and is being used extensively in numerous training facilities across the United States and around the world.

Make Repairs Quickly

new-feature-4 Be prepared - outfit your response team and train with our equipment BEFORE you're called out to a leak.
Pic 1 Typical hole for our Football plug Typical hole for our Football plug.
pic 2  Pliable Football plug being installed after dipping in water Pliable Football plug being installed after dipping in water.
pic 3 Hardens in 2 minutes Hardens in just 2 minutes.
Pic#4   Also comes in smaller Golf ball size Also comes in smaller Golf ball size.

For over 30 years, Edwards and Cromwell Spill Control has manufactured a full line of temporary leak control products.

Take before and after photos of your incident and send them to us. We will put you on our website and discount you next order!